Google Adwords Call Metrics

Adwords Call Metrics – What You Need to Know

At the time of writing, Google Adwords Call Metrics is being tested in the U.S. It’s an exciting development that will help small business owners measure their Adwords ROI more effectively.

So what is Google Adwords Call Metrics?

Put simply, Google Adwords Call Metrics will allow you to track the phone calls made to your business as a direct result of your Google Adwords PPC adverts.

Here’s a brief overview of how it will work;

When you sign up for the Google Adwords Call Metrics service each of your campaigns will be assigned a unique telephone number which will appear on your PPC adverts on Google.

You will then be able to track exactly how many people called your business as a result of seeing the unique number on your adverts.

The data provided will also include the length of each call you receive and the caller’s area code so you can break down the figures into meaningful data to help you shape your future Adwords campaigns.

Google Adwords Call Metrics will be available on desktop PCs as well as smartphones. Your unique number on your advert will be instantly clickable on smartphones so potential customers can call you quickly and easily.

Benefits of call metrics

Some of the current benefits of Google Adwords Call Metrics include;

  • It’s currently free to use (there are plans to charge in the future though)
  • It’s very quick and easy to set up
  • Call metrics will give you a much deeper insight into how your Adwords campaign is performing
  • Having a phone number in your advert text is a great call to action

Anything that helps small business owners measure their online return on investment is a welcome step and when we hear more about when Google Adwords Call Metrics comes to the UK, we’ll let you know.