Common Small Business SEO Mistakes

Online pitfalls you need to avoid

Many small business owners choose to do their own search engine optimisation (SEO). Read on below to discover six of the most common mistakes people make

  • Choosing the wrong keywords

Selecting the right keywords to optimise your website for is a critical step. If you choose keywords and phrases with very low levels of traffic you may be missing out on a large percentage of your target market online.

Equally, if you choose a keyword or phrase that’s extremely competitive, you may struggle to get your site to rank high enough in the search engines to generate any significant levels of traffic.

  • Lack of meta information

Your meta titles and descriptions have an important part to play in SEO. A common mistake people make is to either leave these blank or not include their chosen keywords/phrases within them.

A few minutes work completing the meta titles and descriptions for each of your web pages could make a real difference to your search engine rankings.

  • Poor quality incoming links

When it comes to getting incoming links to websites a lot of small business owners go down one of two routes; paying an overseas agency to do it on the cheap or just adding their site to a few free directories and nothing else.

The search engines place a massive amount of importance on quality and relevant incoming links. Getting links from industry forums, article directories and authoritative sites within your industry sector will make a big difference to your search engine rankings.

  • Keyword stuffing

When it comes to the content on small business websites, keyword stuffing is another common mistake.

A good website will have a blend of content for the search engines and for humans. Keyword stuffing will put people off reading your site and have an impact on your online sales/enquiries.

The following is an example of what I mean by keyword stuffing; “We are a Dundee coach hire company. When you’re looking for affordable coach hire in Dundee, then call us and get a great price on coach hire in Dundee today”.

  • Lack of fresh content

Once a website goes live, a lot of small business owners simply think the job is done and just leave it to stagnate. Posting relevant and regular content on your website does have SEO benefits if done correctly and also makes your site more interesting for visitors.

  • Poor internal linking

The text you use for linking between one page on your website to another has an impact on SEO. For example, a common error is to use terms like “click here” or “find out more”

In terms of SEO and making your links more descriptive for people reading your site, you should try to incorporate your chosen keywords and phrases within your links rather than just choosing words like those above.