How To Alienate Your Readers Online

There are a number of ways you can alienate your target market through the way you display the text on your website.

Read on below to discover five common mistakes made by small businesses when trying to communicate with their customers online.

  • The text size is too small

You may think it’s a good idea to squeeze as much text onto each web page as possible but the reality of this is that it may be difficult to read.

Not everyone has the same level of eyesight and some people find it particularly hard to read on computer screens.

The last thing you want to do is make your text so small that people have to strain to read your message.

  • The text size is too large

People are used to reading text in newspapers and magazines and expect it to be a similar size online. If you put all your text in too large a size, it can throw people and discourage them from reading it.

If you write everything on your website in a very large text size it looks like every word is being emphasised for some reason.

  • The text colour and background colour clash

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your website to stand out but using coloured text on a white or coloured background is not the best way to go about it.

The reason for this is simple; most newspapers, magazines and books have black text on a white background and people are comfortable reading this.

For example, using purple text on a white background is not a common combination and may immediately put people off reading your message online.

  • The text is laid out in massive chunks

People like to scan over things quickly when they read online. If you’ve got a lot of information such as a top ten list all put together in one big paragraph it makes it much harder to read than a numbered or bullet pointed list.

For example, you could have a list of benefits of using your service but these could get easily lost on the screen if they’re all featured in one big chunk of text like below.

“There are many good reasons why you should use our service. We offer a money back guarantee. All our staff have at least 10 years’ experience. We are fully insured. Our staff are available 24 hours a day. You’ll receive a fixed quote in writing before the job begins.”

  • Capitalising every letter

The text on your website should try and reflect what people are used to reading. It’s highly unlikely that in magazines, newspapers and books people will be used to seeing sentences like this.

“The Most Important Thing When Choosing a Local Caterer is To Ask for References From Previous Clients”

Capitalising every letter in a sentence makes it much harder to read and it gives false importance to every word.