How to Write Meta Titles

Meta Titles – The Do’s and Don’ts

Each of your web pages should have a unique meta title.

The meta title appears in the browser window as well as the heading for your search engine results so it’s important to get right.

Read our do’s and don’ts for writing your meta titles below.


  • Include your keywords in the right place

To get the most SEO benefit from your meta titles, you should include your keywords/phrase at the start of the title.

Many websites list the business or website name first and miss a trick by doing so.

  • Write a unique meta title for every web page

The search engines will use your meta titles to help identify what each page is about so they can index it for users. If you’re lazy and just fill in the same text on each meta title, you’re not doing your business or potential customers any favours.

  • Try to appeal to your target market

As well as including your chosen keywords/phrases at the start of each meta title, you should also try to include a benefit or USP to try and get people’s attention. Remember your meta titles will appear in the search engine results and will often be the first thing people look at when deciding on which site to visit.


  • Use ‘Welcome’ or just your web address for your meta titles

For the reasons mentioned above, having your web address or ‘welcome’ just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to meta titles.

  • Cram your titles with the same keyword over and over

The meta title is your chance to let the search engines and humans know what each web page is about. It’s also an opportunity to connect with your target market so don’t try to be clever by spamming your meta titles with keywords; the search engines and visitors will see right through it.

  • Make any spelling mistakes

There’s only one bigger sin that using ‘welcome’ in your meta titles and that’s using ‘wlecome’ If you don’t want people’s first impression of your business to be a spelling mistake then take time to double check all your meta titles before they go live.