Quora for Small Businesses

Worthwhile or a Flash in the Pan?

If you haven’t heard of Quora before, it’s a new site that lets people ask and answer questions on a wide variety of topics.

In this article I’ll look at the credentials of this social media ‘new kid on the block’ and explore the benefits of small businesses signing up to Quora.

  • Use Quora for customer/supplier research

Asking questions on Quora can be a great way to get free feedback on products or services.

The people who take the time to answer your question are likely to be interested in what you’re doing so the data provided could be very useful.

You can also use Quora for asking for recommendations for local suppliers too or to find out roughly what you should expect to pay for a particular service.

  • See what your competitors are up to

Quora allows you to follow people from your Twitter connections who also have an account. This means you can keep an eye on what your competitors are asking and the types of questions they’re answering on Quora too.

If your competitors aren’t too careful with their information, you may be able to get an idea of new products or services they plan to offer by closely monitoring their Quora activity.

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field

Answering questions that are visible to a huge online community worldwide will help boost your own reputation within your industry.

Providing useful advice for free will also lead to more enquiries for your business. There will always be some people who read your answers and try to implement your knowledge themselves. However, there will also be a lot of people who don’t have the time/want an expert to look after their requirements for them.

  • Get more traffic to your website and social media accounts

If you’ve just launched your small business website, Quora can be a good way to get your website, blog and social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter noticed.

If you take the time to ask relevant questions and provide detailed and useful answers, people will begin to take notice and you could soon see a rise in your website traffic and the number of fans and followers you have on Quora and other social media channels.

Only time will tell if Quora is going to be a glowing online beacon or a damp squib. Many other question and answer sites have unfortunately been ruined by spammers but Quora just might be different.