Unique Product Descriptions

How to Drive Sales on Your E-Commerce Website

There are many good reasons to have unique product descriptions on your e-commerce website.

Read on below to find out how making an investment in your product descriptions will benefit your online sales.

  • Improve your search engine rankings

By writing unique product descriptions you can increase the use of your chosen keyword and phrases throughout your site, which in turn will help boost your search engine rankings.

If you opt to keep the standard descriptions you’ve received from manufacturers, many of these may not contain the words and phrases you want to target, so you’re missing out on an opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors.

  • Pitch your products to your customers

Unique product descriptions also provide you with the opportunity to pitch your products at your target market.

Detailing the benefits of the product to your potential customers is more likely to result in a sale than a manufacturer’s standard details.

  • Stand out from your competitors

If you and your competitors are selling hundreds of items online, the task of writing unique product descriptions is probably one few will undertake.

You can gain an advantage by investing in unique product descriptions and make sure your website doesn’t appear like a clone of all the rest.

  • Get more of your web pages indexed by the search engines

As well as writing unique product descriptions, it’s also a good idea to fully optimise each product page. By writing a unique meta title, description and heading for each of your products your sales and search engine rankings will benefit.

This can be invaluable when potential customers type in a specific phrase when looking to buy a product. For example, if you’re selling car parts online, someone may type “Chrysler Crossfire brake discs” into Google which could bring up your product page for this part if you’ve gone to the effort of optimising it.

  • Give your website a more professional feel

Savvy web users can spot standard product descriptions a mile away. By writing unique descriptions yourself or paying someone to do it, your site will look more professional and show that you’ve put the effort in to make it as user-friendly as possible.