Vet Marketing Tips

How To Promote Your Practice Online & Offline

Whether you’re an established practice or have just opened, read our top 10 marketing tips for vets below to help promote your business.

  • Think carefully about who you want to target

Before you begin marketing your vet’s practice it pays to consider who you want to target. For example, are you looking to win clients from other local vets or target new pet owners?

  • Work closely with local dog and cat rescue centres

Establishing a relationship with local animal rescue centres can be beneficial to your business when new pets need to be checked over or treated.

If you’re a new vet you may have to offer a better rate and level of service than other local vets to win the business.

  • Invest in a quality website

Most people treat their pets like another member of the family so you need to gain their trust. Having a well designed and written website can go a long way to attracting new clients. If you try to cut corners with your website your business will suffer.

  • Put staff & practice videos on your website

Make your website more personal by adding videos. You could have a short introduction from each of your staff as well as a guided tour of the facilities in your vet’s practice.

  • Use postcards to market yourself locally

Using postcards to market yourself offline is a good way to overcome the junk mail problem. A postcard doesn’t need to be opened and you can use an eye-catching image to get people’s attention. You should also include a special offer or promotion on your postcards to give people a reason to visit your practice.

  • Run a competition to get people’s email addresses

Running an online competition via Twitter, Facebook or your website is a good way to raise your profile. It’s also a great method of getting email addresses so you can send out monthly newsletters. Just make sure you ask permission to use people’s email addresses as part of the competition entry process.

  • Run an email promotion to win new clients

Once you have a database of email addresses it’s crucial that you use them.

Email marketing is cheap and fast and can be used to generate new clients without breaking the bank.

It can be worthwhile to run a different email promotion every month to get new clients through the door. If you do a good job then these people can become long term customers.

  • Make sure your website is optimised for the right search terms

When optimising your website for the search engines you’ll want to target local terms. For example you’ll have more success targeting ‘vets Manchester’ or ‘vets Norwich’ than just targeting the keyword ‘vets’.

  • Use video testimonials on your website

Testimonials are a powerful tool for attracting new clients. A video testimonial showing an owner and their pet you treated is a great way of selling your services.

  • Offer something different to other local vets

If you’ve set up a new vet’s practice or are struggling to compete with other local vets, you need to come up with something different.

This could be providing a weekly mobile vet service, a free check up, a loyalty scheme offering discounts or specialising in a specific area of veterinary medicine.