Read All About It – How to Create Eye-Catching Copy

Making Your Website Text Easy to Read

Your website text may be fantastic but if you lay it out in way that’s hard for people to read, it won’t bring in sales and enquiries.

Keep reading to discover five quick tips to make sure your copy is as eye-catching as possible.

Make sure sentences and paragraphs are a similar length

When people are reading your website it’s wise to establish a rhythm within your text. For example if your first few sentences are short and punchy then you launch into a long-winded paragraph straight after, you will put a lot of people off.

Making paragraphs a similar size also gives a good uniform visual appeal to your copy.

Use one colour for your text throughout

It might seem like a good idea to use coloured headings and sub-headings to complement the colours used in your website design, by spare a thought for your readers. A pink or yellow heading on a white background may be very hard to read and have a negative impact on what you want your copy to achieve.

Use a familiar font

Trying to stand out by using a quirky or unfamiliar font is another no-no. People are used to reading newspapers and magazines and fonts like Times and Arial so don’t be tempted to pick a font that makes your text slower or more awkward to read.

Bullets and bold

People tend to scan web pages when they read online so make sure your most important points are in a bulleted list. This could be the benefits of using your product or service or why your business in unique.

Within your text you should also put important words and phrases in bold to highlight them.

Keep your web pages consistent

If you implement these tips on your website, make sure you apply them to every page. A consistent approach to your copy will make it easier for people to read when they click through from one of your web pages to another.