Google Services – 3 Hidden Gems for Small Businesses

Put These Useful Free Tools to Work

There is so much more to Google than simply being a search engine used by millions of people every day.

Some Google services slip under the radar a little bit compared to the well known such as Adwords, Chrome and Maps.

Read on below to discover three Google services you may never have heard of but could make the day-to-day running of your business so much easier.


Picnik is an online photo editing site which was bought by Google in March 2010.

It has many uses for small business owners, for example, you can take a picture of a product you sell and then edit it online and share it on Twitter and Facebook or email it from within Picnik.

The free Picnik level allows you to adjust image size, colour, red eye and more while if you’re willing to pay a small fee you can get all these functions and a whole lot more.

Picnik can save you time and also means you don’t have to invest in any fancy photo editing software that you don’t really need.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is another free tool from the search giant that many small business owners just aren’t aware of. It allows you to share your diary with whoever you want, whether it’s friends, colleagues or family members.

You don’t need to be near a computer to use Google Calendar either, there’s a mobile version so you can see your own and other’s schedules while you’re on the move.

Being online isn’t necessary to access your calendar – there’s an offline read-only facility so you can see where you’re meant to be wherever you are in the world.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a very useful online collaboration tool that lets you share text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more with colleagues or clients.

One of the best features is the fact you can chat online in real time to review or edit a specific document with other people who are involved in the project.

The main benefit of this Google Docs feature is the time it saves sending emails back and forwards to lots of different parties.