Money, Money, Money

3 Ways You Can Make More of it Online

If you’ve got a small business with an online presence, are you making the most of your opportunities to earn more money?

This article looks at three ways you can put your knowledge and expertise to good use online to bring in more profits for your business. Read on below to find out how

Package your knowledge

Being able to earn a passive online income is the Holy Grail for many small business owners. If you’ve got the knowledge and experience, you can package this up and sell it to others online as a PDF document.

For example, if you’re a marketing company that specialises in hospitality, you might want to put together an online marketing guide for guest house and B&B owners. This could be a “How to” guide on what areas to focus on and how to implement a successful strategy.

By doing this you can open up your expertise to a new worldwide audience and earn more money on top of what your day-to-day business generates.

Consult via Skype

Another way to make your expertise go further and earn you more money is to offer online consultation sessions via Skype.

Using the hospitality marketing company as an example again, you could offer a consultation option for people who want help and guidance on implementing your ideas in their business.

The world is a much smaller place thanks to technology such as Skype and online consulting is a great way to diversify and cash in on your current skills and knowledge.

Promote yourself as a speaker

There are a number of websites such as Speaker Seeker that you could look into becoming a part of to boost your income.

There are many networking and business events taking place every week all over the country, so if you’ve got something useful to say, establishing yourself as a business speaker will boost your bank balance and the profile of your business.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you setting up your own website or adding a new page to your existing site to highlight your services as a business speaker.

Take your profits to a new level by implementing some or all of these money making strategies.