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How to Use Google News to Your Advantage

Google News is an underused platform when it comes to small business online marketing.

An effective SEO campaign may take some time to bear fruit and this is where using Google News can help bridge the gap and bring traffic to your website.

Read on below to find out how Google News can benefit your small business.

Benefits of being listed on Google News

Here are some of the main benefits of getting your company news listed by Google for one or more of your main search terms.

Drive traffic to your website

You may not be visible on page one of the search engine results pages for your chosen keywords/phrases yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t get featured in the news results (these can be accessed on the left hand side of a normal Google results page.

The main advantage of being listed in the news results is to get traffic to your site. Lots of companies and individuals use Google News every day to find out the latest on a certain topic.

Raise your profile

If you’ve just launched your website, Google News can be a great way to get instant worldwide exposure for free.

As I’ve already mentioned, your SEO campaign could take some time to get you on page one for your chosen keywords and phrases and pay per click advertising can be expensive depending on your industry.

Generate incoming links

If you’ve written a newsworthy blog post or press release that people find interesting they may link to it from their own websites or social media accounts such as Twitter.

This could help increase your traffic as well as helping to improve your search engine rankings if the sites linking to you are authoritative and relevant.

A quick guide to writing for Google News

Follow the step-by-step process below to make sure your company news stands the best chance of being featured.

Do some research – are lots of other people writing about the same topic? Is the topic old news?

Include your keywords/phrase in your headline – very important to get your news indexed properly

Make sure you write an original and newsworthy piece – ask yourself if you’d want to read it

Use a free press release distribution site – look at Google News results to see which sites feature prominently