Long Tail Keywords

Pick the Low Hanging Fruit

Long tail keywords are terms related to your business that are ‘off the beaten track’. These keywords may only get a small amount of traffic each, but because they have less competition they are easier to rank for than popular keywords and can provide higher conversion rates.

Below are three ways you can identify long tail keywords for your company website.

Use Google Wonder wheel

You may not have heard of it before but Google’s Wonder wheel is a great way to find long tail keywords to target.

When you enter a search term on Google, look to the left-hand side and go to ‘more search tools’ and you’ll see Wonder wheel listed under the ‘all results’ menu.

You will see a selection of additional keywords related to your term in an illustration and you can click on any of these to drill deeper and find even more long tail keyword suggestions.

Ask people what they’d search for

If you’re not sure what people might search for when they want to find your products or services online, why not ask some friends, colleagues or family members what keywords they would use.

Doing this might bring up some suggestions you hadn’t thought of before. Even if a long tail keyword only gets a handful of searches per month, if you’re in position 1 on Google for this, you may pick up a few new customers from it.

Use more than one keyword suggestion tool

To get a broader range of keyword ideas and to identify the long tail phrases relevant to your business, it’s a good idea to use more than one tool.

For example, you could try Google’s keyword tool and Wordtracker which has a free option, as these could produce different sets of results and help you spot new opportunities.

Optimising your website for long tail keywords can soon add up to a lot of new business for your company. For example, you may want to target 20-30 long tail keywords each of which has a low number of monthly searches, but these can all add up and can bring you more sales for a small amount of effort.