Is Your Website Traffic Coming From the Right Places?

There are many different ways to attract traffic to your website such as blogging, links on other sites and taking part in online business forums.

How do you know that your efforts are worthwhile though? Read on to discover three key areas you need to analyse in order to check where your traffic is coming from.

Using a site such as Google Analytics, you can quickly and easily look at the following and see what’s working for you.

The last thing you want is lots of traffic that comes on to your site, has no interest and turns around again at your dead end.

  • Countries

If your business operates solely in the UK for example, it’s a good idea to check where the majority of your traffic is coming from.

You may be getting a lot of visitors, but very few online sales or enquiries. This could be due to you getting the majority of your traffic from outside the UK.

This can happen if you submit articles to article directories and blogs that have a worldwide focus as well as if you’ve carried out a link building campaign from non-UK sites.

  • Websites

You should also check what websites are driving traffic to your site. In cases where you’ve done a lot of reciprocal link building, you may get a lot of untargeted traffic.

For example, if you’re running a car valet business and you’ve exchanged links with a local chiropodist, you’re unlikely to get people staying on your site for long because they’re not necessarily looking to have their car cleaned at that time.

  • Keywords and phrases

Another useful way to assess incoming traffic to your website is to use Google Analytics to see which keywords and phrases people have typed in to find your site.

This can also help you identify that some of your traffic is not really looking for what you do. Using the car valet example again, someone may have entered carpet cleaning Birmingham into Google and then clicked on to your car cleaning website via the search results.

Having these types of irrelevant traffic will not do your site any harm, but it will have no benefit either.

In order to convert more visitors into customers, your site needs relevant and targeted traffic.