Checkout Checkmate

Are Your Online Sales Suffering?

If you’ve got an e-commerce store and your sales are below par, it might be time to have a look at your checkout process to see if it can be improved.

You can have the best products in your niche at the best prices but if your checkout process is a cumbersome pain in the backside, people will look elsewhere.

As you read through the rest of this blog post, you’ll discover more about five elements of a good online checkout.

  • Speed

Time is of the essence when trying to sell online. It’s the same offline, hands up who likes standing for ages in a supermarket queue.

Amazon knows this and introduced a one-click checkout process many years ago. People don’t want to go through page after page filling in lots of details. Get an email address, physical address and payment details all on the one page and let your customers checkout quickly and painlessly.

  • Trust

Do you have any trust certificates on your website? Do you display one price on your product pages and then add lots of extras at the checkout?

Your site will also need to look professional if you want people to trust you with their payment details.

  • Clarity

Is it clear what people are getting when they buy a product or service from you online? Do you have a set of terms and conditions that cover things like your refund policy?

The more doubts you put in people’s minds, the less likely they are to buy from you.

  • Choice

Do you make it easy for customers to pay you online? Not everyone likes using PayPal or has an account; do you accept debit and credit cards too?

Giving people a choice of how to pay for your good or services will help you get more online sales; don’t put barriers in the way.

  • Security

Does your site have a clear privacy policy about how you’ll use people’s details? When people go to your checkout page, it is obvious they’re on a secure page?

Tell people your site is secure in your calls to action or reinforce it on the checkout page itself so there’s no doubt at all in their minds.