Hop on Board Google’s Wonder wheel

A Valuable Keyword Research Tool

Google’s Wonder wheel is a useful tool for doing keyword research. The problem is it’s not universally known and is hidden away on the main Google search screen.

Keep reading to discover more about the Google Wonder wheel and how it works.

Where can I find the Wonder wheel?

For such a useful and free to use tool, I’m not sure why the Wonder wheel is hidden away by Google.

If you go to google.co.uk or .com, enter your search term and look down the list of options on the left hand side, you’ll see a menu titled “More search tools” and a sub-menu “All results”. Within this menu you’ll find the Wonder wheel option.

Why is it useful?

The Wonder wheel is very useful as a keyword research tool. If you’ve just launched your website and are not sure what keywords/phrases to target then it can give you plenty of ideas.

Also, if you’re about to embark on a new pay per click advertising campaign, it can help you identify terms and phrases you may not have thought of yourself.

Let’s take a look at an example; if you were a photographer in Portsmouth and entered “photographer in Portsmouth” as your search term you would see the following.

Each of the terms you see can be clicked on to then create another set of related terms and phrases. For example, if you clicked on “wedding photographers Portsmouth” you would see this.

You can see from this it’s useful for giving you more geographical suggestions based on the original term you clicked on which could give you more ideas for keyphrases to target.

Is it useful for anything else?

Google’s Wonder wheel is also good for competitor analysis. As you’ll see from the screenshot below, it lists the results for your chosen term on the right hand side of the page.

This lets you see who else in your area is ranking for a specific term/phrase through pay per click or the natural Google listings.

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Please share your thoughts below on the Wonder wheel and whether or not you’ve found it useful.