The Best Blog Post You’ll Ever Read

Is this really the best blog post you’ll ever read? Keep reading to find out…

Okay, I’ll be honest with you now, I don’t know if this is the best blog post you’ll ever read; it’s simply not for me to say.

So why do so many business owners continue to use the word ‘best’ in their marketing materials?

Unless you’ve won a specific award for “best local business” or whatever, here are three good reasons to avoid using ‘best’ like the plague.

  • It’s lazy

There’s nothing to stop me saying this is the best blog post you’ll ever read. Whether or true or not is a different matter, I’m sure it probably isn’t true.

Anyway, it’s a nice easy phrase for me to use, I’ll just say it’s the best to attract people and then offer nothing to back it up.

  • People aren’t stupid

I know my readers aren’t stupid and neither are your potential clients. How many people do you think will really believe you’re the best just because you say you are?

Why not give people real reasons to get in touch with you about your services or to buy your products?

  • You maybe aren’t the best

Just like this blog post probably isn’t the best you’ve ever read, your products or services may not be the best either.

Have you ever tried your competitors to see how they measure up? If you haven’t, then how do you know there’s not someone locally who is better and cheaper than you?

Selling online and offline is all about trust; let people decide for themselves whether you’re the best or not. Just saying you are with nothing to back it up will do your business more harm than good.

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