Haphazard Marketing Are You Preparing to Fail Online?

As the old saying goes, if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail.

Taking a haphazard approach to your small business online marketing is only going to result in one thing; FAILURE

I know that no small business owner or entrepreneur sets out with failure as an objective but a lack of structure and planning can deliver it.

Every business is different so there’s no magic plan that will work in every case, however, if you keep reading I’ll give you some general pointers.

  • SEO is a journey not a destination

Even if you manage to achieve first place page one Google rankings for all your main keywords and phrases, do you think your competitors will sit back and do nothing?

Taking your foot off the SEO pedal is a common mistake and could result in a lot of stop-start activity rather than an even spread.

  • Are you marketing in busy periods?

If you’ve got a seasonal business, it’s easy to think you don’t need to promote yourself when you’re busy anyway.

Depending on what service you offer or product you sell, people may not necessarily buy from you right away. Let’s say you own guest houses, do you think everyone who looks at your website in the summer wants to come and stay with you straight away?

  • Have you worked out a monthly budget?

Haphazard marketing is often a result of failing to plan an online marketing budget.

Many small business owners go at their marketing with great gusto initially, only to realise they can’t sustain that level of activity over the period of a year and have to cut back considerably.

Working out a consistent monthly budget is vital to ensure you’re always visible online.

  • Are you measuring your online marketing return?

If you don’t measure what online marketing activities work and don’t work, how can you figure out a good strategy?

Failing to know what’s making you money and what’s losing it can also lead to haphazard marketing where you just try a combination of things such as pay per click, email marketing and social media every month.

If you want to steer your business clear of the hazard of online failure, you need to prepare a plan and stick to it.

Think of your online presence as an Olympic athlete; do you think you’ll win a gold medal by training inconsistently?