Moving Nowhere Online – An SME Case Study

A lot of what I write on this blog is theory and practical advice.

Sometimes it’s good to real life case studies to get a point across.

I recently moved house and wanted to share the story of how some of my local removal companies fared online when I tried to contact them.

As usual, I decided to get three quotes and being online more often than not I started my search on the web. Keep reading to find out how each of the three companies measured up.

  • Company #1

The first company I contacted are part of a multinational group with a local branch. There was a live chat facility that popped up on my screen so I decided to try it out.

The person I chatted to took my details and said someone from the local depot would contact me soon to arrange a visit to provide me with a quote.

I never heard from this company again.

  • Company #2

The second website I looked at looked fairly standard at first but hidden away was a section where you could select what furniture you had in each room with the idea of generating a quote.

The problem was this was a very slow and clumsy system and after a couple of minutes, I decided to just email and arrange a quote visit instead.

This company got back to me very quickly to arrange the visit and turned up when they said they would.

  • Company #3

Company number three had the sort of website that looked like it had been around since the Internet was launched.

The copyright date in the footer was two years old, the text on the site itself was very small and the images were poor quality.

The result was before I’d read much of the text they’d managed to put me off. I don’t know about you, but trusting someone to move all my personal possessions safely from one place to another is a pretty big deal.

If that company can’t take some pride in their own website and care enough to make it look professional, then why should I trust them with my belongings?

I didn’t bother contacting this company.

I know not everyone looks online to find services such as removal companies but a growing number of people are.

My point is none of these companies had managed to get their online presence right. Company #2 had at least had a go but still fell short.

Moving with the times is a must if you want your business to flourish rather than just get by and a professional website needs to be at the heart of this.

What experiences do you have with small business websites in general? Please leave your comments below.