A Beginners Guide to Getting More Followers on Twitter

Ever looked at one of your competitors and wondered how they managed to get so many followers on Twitter? Accumulating more followers on Twitter takes dedication, hard work and perseverance. It doesn’t just happen overnight.

Reciprocal following

The most basic route to getting more followers on Twitter is to start following people. Chances are, a few of those people will follow you back. Some people always follow back as a rule, others will just think you look interesting.

The great thing about Twitter for marketing is that you can put yourself out there. Most people get an email when they get a new follower, which means one more person knows you exist.

Most of the basic techniques of growing an audience on Twitter involve making use of this.

Who do I follow?

The big question for new tweeters. How do I find the people that will be interested in my business? Or even, how do I find the people that I will find interesting?

The most obvious place to start is Twitters own who to follow function. Once you’ve started off with your friends and the big hitters in your industry, it will offer you some related tweeters. It’s not 100% accurate (or anywhere close) but it might give you some ideas.

Hashtags are another good way of finding people to follow. If a particular hashtag has arisen in your niche, click on it to see every post containing it and start following the people using it.

Some people develop publicly available lists based around a particular topic. Be on the look out for these, they might be a handy who’s who for your area.

Finally, try looking through other people’s followers. If you run a recording studio, try following people who follow Music Tech Magazine. If they’re interested in the magazine, chances are they’ll be interested in you.

There are various tools available to do the latter (both free and paid) either automatically or by hand. TweetAdder and Tweepi are two such tools worth a look.

Give them a reason

Following someone isn’t enough most of the time. It’s essential that you update regularly and as interestingly as possible. Some people will reciprocal follow as a matter of course, but most people will take a look at your profile first. If they like what they see, they’ll follow. If not, or if they suspect you of spamming, they won’t bother.

The number 1 rule of getting more followers? Be interesting.