Is Your Website Sick? Time for a Checkup

It may not seem possible, but somehow, an unattended website very often gets sick. Without checking in every now again, you’ll never know if your sites falling apart or not.

Common faults

The first thing to determine is whether or not your site is obviously sick. That means knowing what to check for. Common faults are:

  • Broken links
  • Non-existent pages
  • Non-displaying images
  • Broken contact forms
  • Out of date content

These are the most obvious faults that will be apparent to anyone. They’re also the easiest faults to fix. Unfortunately, there are other aspects just as crucial that can easily go wrong which are much harder to spot, and may require a professional’s eye.

Sites get hacked surprisingly often, which can easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye with terrible consequences (such as being blacklisted by Google).

On a similar note, SEO practices change all the time, and a regular review of your on-site optimisation is essential to maintain your rankings; particularly if your SEO company indulges in the odd black hat technique.

How important is fixing it?

Very. From a visitors perspective, broken links, non-displaying images and the like are all signs of an unattended website, which implies an inactive or amateurish business. If you can’t maintain your website, how can I trust you to fix my window? Even worse, if your contact form is broken, you could be missing out on visitors already sold on your product.

Reviewing your on-page SEO is also crucial as it can have an enormous impact on your search rankings, which will, in turn, have a profound effect on your traffic. If your site has never been reviewed by an SEO professional, there could be some fundamental errors in your site design (such as text embedded in images so Google can’t read it).

Regular check-ups

The above should have convinced you that a regular health check of your site is important. You can check the basics yourself, but hiring an SEO company to check the more technical aspects should also be a priority to make sure you’re not shooting yourself in the foot.

Consulting them should also be a part of your process for making any significant changes to the site – anything and everything can affect SEO.

When did you last have your website checked over?