Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Copywriting

Any business operating online needs to give careful consideration to their copywriting. Although the internet is moving towards a more multimedia driven environment, its heart is still in copy.

Whether it’s due to time pressures or skill gaps, whether or not to outsource copywriting is a decision that most online businesses will have to address at some point.


  • Making a good first impression

Well written copy makes a good impression. Or perhaps more to the point, badly written copy makes a poor impression. Without convincing copy, it’s hard to take a business seriously.

  • SEO

Most online copywriters are now highly SEO aware and able to shoehorn the relevant keywords into your on-site copy, giving you a good start for your ongoing SEO campaign.

  • Better conversion rates

A good professional copywriter is well-versed in the art of persuasive writing, meaning your conversion rates will be higher than with copy written by a non-professional.

  • Confidence

Even if you are a dab hand with a pen, hiring a professional gives you the confidence that your copy is doing everything that it should. It also allows you to be more objective in assessing the writing, making you less likely to accept sub-standard text.

  • Time

Time not spent writing copy yourself is time available for your core business.


  • No outsider knows your business like you do

Even with the best brief in the world, no one outside your business knows it as well as you do. They don’t know exactly what you offer, how you want to come across or what will appeal to your market in the same way as you.

  • Disappointing results

You could end up paying for copy you’re not satisfied with, unable to overhaul it without laying out more cash for another writer.

  • Time

Finding a good copywriter takes time. First, you have to avoid agencies/freelancers who outsource to non-native speakers, then you have to find writers with some knowledge of your industry, and then you need to take the time to review samples.

  • Money

Outsourcing costs money.

Weighing it up

None of the cons listed here apply any more to copywriting than they do anything else. It all comes down to whether you have the time to do it yourself, and the confidence to do it well. If not, outsourcing makes sense – just be careful about who you hire.